PARIS 2017 - Carrousel du Louvre MakeUP in Paris : FASHIONING MAKEUP - Anne Camilli
Dénicheuse de talents, Anne Camilli a constitué autour d’elle un pôle créatif avec une ouverture à 360° pour imaginer des projets « à la Carte », inventifs et sensoriels, à l’attention des marques et des entreprises.
anne camilli, anne camilli & cie, le musee a la carte, talents creatifs
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Musée À la Carte ®

From fashion to make-up, there is only one step. The boundary between these two universes is so tenuous that they are most often synonymous. Which universe influences the other? That is the question. Thus, clothing, like make-up, are codified according to the social class.

This exhibition, created by the Musée A la Carte® for MakeUp in Paris, will invite visitors to discover three key periods in the history of 20th century fashion and make-up, through a selection of garments, fashion and beauty accessories coming from the Camilli and Martin-Hattemberg collections


Crédit photos : Thierry Malty – Anne Camilli & Cie