Anne Camilli
Dénicheuse de talents, Anne Camilli a constitué autour d’elle un pôle créatif avec une ouverture à 360° pour imaginer des projets « à la Carte », inventifs et sensoriels, à l’attention des marques et des entreprises.
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d’Anne Camilli & Cie

Musée À la Carte® is a registered trademark,

a powerful concept of cultural solutions and a heritage of precious objects and iconography.

The mission of Musée À la Carte® is to imagine and produce customized,

evolving cultural supports: exhibitions, videos, films, books and catalogs, workshops and multi-sensory animations.

Musée À la Carte®’s holdings include a collection of heritage objects from the 18th century to the present day

(perfume, beauty, clothing and fashion accessories), complemented by a library (a collection of books, newspapers, periodicals, engravings and old advertisements).

A collection that is constantly expanding.

Exhibition Design
French Savoir-Faire
Motion Videos
The Assets of Musée À la Carte®

 Musée À la Carte® can be adapted to any theme, any location, format and budget. Musée À la Carte®  has a multidisciplinary team of creative and expert «talents» made up of: photographers, graphic designers. architect-scenographers, interior designers, collectors, historians, researchers, artists, perfumers, musicians, composers, art craftsmen and more. Musée À la Carte®  calls on museum and private collections depending on the theme. Musée À la Carte® works both in France and abroad. Musée À la Carte® contributes to the promotion of French culture, arts and crafts, heritage, innovation and industrial savoir-faire. Musée À la Carte® contributes to the promotion of French culture, arts and crafts, heritage, innovation and industrial savoir-faire.