Design your shoes - Hong-Kong 2015 - Anne Camilli
Dénicheuse de talents, Anne Camilli a constitué autour d’elle un pôle créatif avec une ouverture à 360° pour imaginer des projets « à la Carte », inventifs et sensoriels, à l’attention des marques et des entreprises.
anne camilli, anne camilli & cie, le musee a la carte, talents creatifs
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Design your shoes – Hong-Kong 2015

Ateliers À la Carte

May 2015

For budding creators: everything about shoes! Creativity here has neither age, nor gender. Different generations stood in line to take part in these special workshops designed by Anne Camilli for the 500 Years of French Passion for Shoes exhibition. Pumps, boots, flats, sneakers decorated with special prints, sequins, pearls, strass or even with red soles, it’s was all happening. Everything was possible, you could even try on all those wonderful shoes.