Livre BEAUTY BEHIND THE SCENES 2016 - Anne Camilli
Dénicheuse de talents, Anne Camilli a constitué autour d’elle un pôle créatif avec une ouverture à 360° pour imaginer des projets « à la Carte », inventifs et sensoriels, à l’attention des marques et des entreprises.
anne camilli, anne camilli & cie, le musee a la carte, talents creatifs
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Expressions À la Carte

Conception, artistic direction and redaction ofBeauty behind the Scenes, a book produced in partnership with the LF Beauty Group in 2016.

“Beauty behind the Scenes, history and innovation

Hush! The room slips into total darkness. What you are about to see is playing to a full house and is set to begin. The public holds its breath. The curtains rises. And light floods the stage. Its role is essential, it highlights the players and brings out all the beauty of the décor and accessories. But this time the accessories, the objects, are the leading characters. And the light reveals them one by one. They are the actors, the heroes of a universal play, with beauty for its theme, somewhere between seduction, the search for aesthetic perfection, and the quest for eternal youth. A place where France, the land of luxury, has always been in the limelight.”